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A Typical Diseased Colon

Categories: Colon Cleansing
Sources: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

The average person also has a prolapsed (sagging) transverse colon,

and a distorted misplaced ascending and descending colon. I took a

course in colon therapy before purchasing my first colonic machine.

The chiropractor teaching the class required all of his patients

scheduled for colonics to take a barium enema followed by an X-ray

of their large intestine prior to having colonics and then make

subsequent X-rays after
each series of 12 colonics. Most of his

patients experienced so much immediate relief they voluntarily took

at least four complete series, or 48 colonics, before their X-rays

began to look normal in terms of structure. It also took about the

same number, 48 colonics, for the patients to notice a significant

improvement in the function of the colon. In reviewing over 10,000

X-rays taken at his clinic prior to starting colonics, the

chiropractor had seen only two normal colon X-rays and these were

from farm boys who grew up eating simple foods from the garden and

doing lots of hard work.

The X-rays showed that it took a minimum of 12 colon treatments to

bring about a minimal but observable change in the structure of the

colon in the desired direction, and for the patient to begin to

notice that bowel function was improving, plus the fact that they

started to feel better.