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Action Of The Sitz-bath Explained

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The _sitz-bath_ acts in a direct manner upon the abdominal organs and

the spine, and through the latter on the brain. Indirectly, it helps in

removing the inflammatory and congestive symptoms in the throat and

head, by cooling the blood, which circulates through the parts immersed

in the water, and by doing so cools also the upper parts of the body,

equalizes the temperature, and diminishes the volume of the mass of the

blood, thus making its circulation easier, _whilst it has no tendency to

impede the action of the skin_. Besides, the abstraction of electricity,

by the sitz-bath, should be taken in account of its action. After the

sitz-bath, the reaction takes place in those parts which were immersed

in the water, thereby making the relief of the upper parts more lasting.