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Copy Of Certificate

Sources: Primitive Psycho-therapy And Quackery

These may Inform all whom it might Concern, that Mr. John

Kaighin, of the Province of West New Jersey, hath lived with

me (here under named) a considerable time, as a Disciple, to

learn the Arts and Mysteries of Chymistry, Physick, and the

Astral Sciences, whereby to make a more Perfect Discovery of

the Hidden Causes of more Occult and Uncommon Diseases, not so

easily to be discovered by t
e Vulgar Practice. In all which

he has been very Dilligent and Studious, as well as in the

Administration of the Medecines, and in the various Cases:

wherein his Judgment may be safely depended upon in all

things, so far as he follows my Instructions. And Hope he may

in all things answer the Confidence that may be reposed in



GERMANTOWN, Febr. 20, 1758.

Following is a Prayer for a Dyspeptic, drawn up by an adherent of

Christian Science:

Holy Reality, Blessed Reality, believing that Thou art

everywhere present, we believe that Thou art in this patient's

stomach, in every fibre, in every cell, in every atom; that

Thou art the sole, only Reality of that stomach. Heavenly,

Holy Reality, Thou art not sick, and therefore nothing in this

universe was ever sick, is now sick, or can be sick. We know,

Father and Mother of us all, that there is no such thing as a

really diseased stomach; that the disease is the Carnal

Mortal Mind given over to the World, the Flesh and the Devil;

that the mortal mind is a twist, a distortion, a false

attitude, the Hamartia [+hamartia+, sin] of Thought.

Help us to stoutly affirm, with our hand in your hand, with

our eyes fixed on Thee, that we never had Dyspepsia, that we

will never have Dyspepsia, that there is no such thing, that

there never was any such thing, that there never will be any

such thing. Amen.