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Teething Of Children

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

Affections arising from teething of children, are often of a serious

character. The most prominent of which is _Diarrhoea_. _Fever_

frequently accompanies the diarrhoea, and _convulsions_ occasionally

occur. _Aconite_ and _Chamomilla_ should be used in alternation, every

one or two hours, according to the violence of the fever, and if

convulsions occur, or are threatened, as will be known by twitching,

starting, and sc
eaming, use _Nux_ and _Bell_. These may be given in

rotation with the others, following the remedies, one after the other,

every hour. I have relieved the most alarming cases in a day by this

method of procedure, that had not yielded to either of the single

remedies for several days, given as directed in the books; the patient

growing worse continually. If the gums over the teeth look white and the

teeth, (one or more,) are near the surface, the gums should, by all

means, be cut. Press the point of a lancet or penknife down upon the top

of the gum, until the tooth is plainly felt, and be sure to make the cut

as wide as the tooth. Rub the gums with _Arnicated water_ once or twice

a day. _Pulsatilla_ should be given at night and _Chamomilla_ in the

morning, during the whole summer while the child is teething, as a

prophylactic against the fever and diarrhoea that is likely to occur.

It will generally save all trouble.

If the diarrhoea is profuse, watery and light colored or brown, give

_Phos. acid_ and _Veratrum_ alternately, as often as the discharges

occur. For the restlessness of infants at night, _Coffea_ is the