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Temperature Of The Sick-room

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The _temperature of the sick-room_ should not be much above 65 deg.

Fahrenheit; in no case should it rise above 70, whilst I do not see the

necessity of keeping it below 60, as some hydriatic physicians

advise. The patient, in the heat of fever, will think 60 deg. high

enough, and rather pleasant; and if others do not like a temperature as

low as that, they may retire. The person necessary for nursing the

patient may dress warmly and sit near the fire. Let the sick-room be as

large as possible; or open the door and windows of a room connected with

it. Towards the close of the disease, after desquamation has begun, the

temperature of the room may be kept at 70 deg., as then the fever and heat

have subsided and the delicate skin of the patient requires a

comfortable temperature.