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Temperature Of The Water Double Sheet Changing Sheet

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The water for the wet-sheet pack, in this violent form, ought to be

cold; in summer it should be iced down to 46-48 deg. Fahr. The sheet ought

to be coarse or doubled, in order that it should retain more water, and

it should not be wrung out very tight. In a thick wet-sheet the patient

will be better cooled than in a thin sheet, and he will be able to stay

longer in it before changing. It may be advisable, however, with very
br /> young and rather delicate persons, not to double the sheet about the

feet, as they might be apt to remain cold, which would send the blood

more to the head. But, although the patient will feel easier in the pack

for a while, the heat and fever will soon increase again, and, in

proportion as the sheet grows warmer, he will become more and more

restless, and the changing of the sheet will become indispensable. When

the symptoms increase again, in the second pack, the sheet is changed a

second time, and so on till the patient perspires and becomes relieved

for a couple of hours or longer; which usually happens in the third or

fourth sheet. After the first, every following sheet is wrung out

tighter and tighter, and the last one may be taken single, or doubled

only at its upper end.