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The Electric Circuit

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

The Electric Circuit is made up of any thing and every thing which

serves to conduct the electric current in its passage--outward and

returning--from where it leaves the inner surfaces of the zinc plates in

the battery cell to where it comes back again to the outer surfaces of

the same plates. When the conducting-cords are not attached to the

machine, or when the communication between the cords is not complete, if

achine be running, the circuit is then composed of the battery

fluid, the platina plate, the posts, the connecting-wires, which unite

the battery with the helix, the helical wires, and their appendages for

the vibrating action. But when a patient is under treatment, the

conducting-cords, the electrodes, and so much of the patient's person as

is traversed by the current while passing from the positive electrode

through to the negative electrode, are also included in the whole

circuit. And whatever elements may serve to conduct the current in any

part of its circuit--be they metal, fluid, nerve, muscle, or bone--the

same are all, for the time, component parts of one complete magnet,

which, in all its parts, is subject to the law of polarization,

precisely as if it were one magnetized bar of steel. Usually, however,

it is sufficient for practical purposes to contemplate the circuit as

consisting only of that which the current passes through in going from

the point where it leaves the positive post and enters into the negative

cord, around to the point where it leaves the positive cord and enters

into the negative post.