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BOIL. (Furunculus, Furuncle). Causes

Categories: Diseases of The Skin

Boils may appear in a healthy
person, but they are often the result of a low condition of the system;

they are frequently seen in persons suffering from sugar diabetes.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Boil, My Mother's Poultice for. "Poppy leaves

pounded up and bound on are good. My mother has used this recipe and found

it to be good." This remedy not only makes a good poultice, but is very

soothing, as poppies contain op
um. The leaves may be purchased at any

drug store.

2. Boil, Soap and Sugar Poultice for. "Poultice made of yellow or soft

soap and brown sugar, equal parts. Spread on cloth and apply faithfully."

This makes a good strong poultice, and has great drawing powers and would

be apt to create a good deal of pain, but would draw the boil to a head.

The above remedy was sent in by a number of mothers, all of whom said they

had tried it with success when other remedies failed.

3. Boil, Vinegar or Camphor for. "May be cured by bathing in strong

vinegar frequently when they first start. When it stops smarting from the

vinegar cover with vaseline or oil." Bathing the boil in vinegar seems to

check the growth and does not allow them to become as large as they would

ordinarily. If you do not have vinegar in the house, camphor will answer

the same purpose.

4. Boil, Bean Leaf Poultice for. "Apply snap bean leaves, beat up fine."

Bruise the leaves so that they are real fine, and apply to the boil. This

acts the same as a poultice.

5. Boil, Another Vinegar Remedy for. "If taken at first a boil can be

cured by dipping the finger in strong vinegar and holding on the boil

until it stops smarting. Repeat three or four times then apply a little

oil to the head of boil."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Boils. Tonics such as iron, quinine, and

strychnine are good. Elixir, iron, quinine and strychnine from a half to

one teaspoonful three times a day is a good tonic for an adult. Sulphide

of calcium one-tenth grain four times a day is good. Paint the inflamed

spot when it first begins, with a solution of gun cotton (collodion) and

renew it every hour until a heavy contractile coating is formed.

Poultices, if used, should contain sweet oil and laudanum. Alcohol and

camphor applied over the skin in the early stages is recommended by

Ringer. This I know is good. Another, wipe the skin and use camphorated

oil. When boils occur in the external ear, the canal should be washed out

with hot water. If it is ripe it should be opened. The following is good

for the pain of a boil:

Iodoform 4 grains

Menthol 2 grains

Vaselin 1 dram

Mix and smear a cotton plug and insert in the ear two or three times a