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Categories: Diseases of The Skin

Keep the patient in a cold atmosphere, or put into a cold
bath and the frozen part rubbed with snow or ice until sensation is felt

and color returns; then discontinue the rubbing and apply ice water

compresses. Stimulants such as brandy, coffee and hot drinks are given,

but external heat is only gradually permitted, for the circulation returns

very slowly to the frost-bitten parts, and in trying to hasten it, we run

the risk
f producing or, at least, increasing the tendency to gangrene of

the frozen parts.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. l. Frost Bites. Remedy from Northern New York. "Soak

the parts affected in kerosene oil; this will soon draw out the frost."

2. Frost Bites, Roasted Turnips for. "Roasted turnips bound to the parts

frosted." This is a very soothing application, but should not be put on

warm. Cold applications are what are needed in frost bites.

[Transcriber's Note: From the Mayo Clinic (2005): 1. Get out of the cold.

2. Warm hands by tucking them into your armpits. If your nose, ears or

face is frostbitten, warm the area by covering it with dry, gloved hands.

3. Don't rub the affected area, especially with snow. 4. If there's any

chance of refreezing, don't thaw out the affected areas. If they're

already thawed out, wrap them up so they don't refreeze. 5. Get emergency

medical help if numbness remains during warming. If you can't get help

immediately, warm severely frostbitten hands or feet in warm--not