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LIVER SPOTS, Moth Patch, Chloasma, etc

Categories: Diseases of The Skin

This is a discoloration of the
skin of a yellowish to a blackish tint of varying size and shape.

Causes. It may be due to external agencies, such as rubbing, scratching,

heat (tanning and sunburn) blistering; or due to diseases such as

tuberculosis, cancer, malaria, Addison's disease, disease of the womb,


PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Liver Spots. Remove all causes if possible.

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Local. This must be carefully used, find out first how sensitive the skin

is. Dr. Bulkley recommends this lotion:

Corrosive Sublimate 5 grains

Dilute Acetic Acid 2 drams

Borax 40 grains

Rose water enough for 4 ounces

Shake bottle, mix and apply to the part night and morning. If the skin

becomes too scaly, a mild soothing ointment should be substituted for the

above. White suggests the following:

Hydrarg. Ammon. Chlar 2 drams

Subnitrate Bismuth 2 drams

Starch 1/20 ounce

Glycerin 1/2 ounce

Mix and apply twice daily.

The application of peroxide of hydrogen has only a temporary effect.