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RINGWORM (Tinea Trichophytina)

Categories: Diseases of The Skin

Ringworm is a contagious disease of the
skin, produced by the presence of a vegetable parasite. The disease

affects the hair follicles of the scalp and the beard, and also of the

portions of the body that, seemingly at least, have no hair.

Varieties. Ringworm affecting the body called Tinea Circinata. Ringworm

affecting the scalp called Tinea Tonsurans. Ringworm affecting the beard,

etc., Tinea Barbae (barbers'

Ringworm of the Body. This type of ringworm usually begins as one or

several round, somewhat raised and very small, defined congested spots and

these are covered with a few branny scales. The disease extends from the

circumference and, while healing in the center, assumes a shape like a

ring and these rings may become as large as a silver dollar and remain the

same size for months or years, or they may go together (coalesce) to form

circle (gyrate) patches. Vesicle and pimples frequently crop out at the


Mothers' Remedies for Ringworm. 1. Gunpowder and Vinegar for. "Make a

paste of gunpowder and vinegar and apply. Sometimes one application will

be sufficient; if not, repeat."

2. Ringworm, Cigar Ashes for. "Wet the sore and cover with cigar ashes.

Repeat frequently. This will cure if taken in time." This is a very simple

and effective remedy. Cigar ashes are always easy to obtain and if applied

to the ringworm at the very beginning, the nicotine in the tobacco will

draw out the soreness and relieve the inflammation.

3. Ringworm, Kerosene for. "Apply kerosene with the finger or a cloth

several times a day."

4. Ringworm, Ontario Mother Cured Boy of. "Wash head with vinegar and

paint with iodine to kill germ. Cured a neighbor's boy."

5. Ringworm, Another from a Mother at Valdosta, Georgia. "Burdock root

and vinegar." Take the dock root and steep it the same as any ordinary

herb tea, then add your vinegar, making the proportions about half and

half. Apply this to the affected part.

6. Ringworm, Egg Skin Remedy for. "Take the inner skin of an egg and wrap

around it, and cover with a piece of cloth."

7. Ringworm, from a Mother at Owosso. Michigan. "Take gunpowder and wet

it and put it on the sores," This remedy has been tried a great many times

and always gives relief when taken right at the beginning. So many people

will wait, thinking the ringworm will disappear of its own accord, instead

of giving some simple home remedy like the above a trial.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Ringworm. 1. For infants and children simpler

remedies should be used at first. Scrub each patch with tincture of green

soap, or merely good soap and water may be employed. Then apply tincture

of iodine to the patches, once or twice a day, enough to irritate the

patches. Dilute acetic acid, or dilute carbolic acid will do the same

work. A ten per cent solution of sodium hyposulphite is a good remedy


2. Corrosive sublimate, one to four grains to the ounce of water, is very

good to put on the patches. For children the strength should be about

one-half grain to the ounce.

3. Ammoniated mercury is also very good to put on. Sometimes a combination

of remedies will do better, as follows:

Milk of Sulphur 2-1/2 drams

Spirits of Green Soap 6 drams

Tincture of Lavender 6 drams

Glycerin 1/2 dram

4. Pure Iodine 2 ounces

Oil of Tar 1 ounce

Mix with care gradually.

5. Creasote 20 drops

Oil of Cadini 3 drams

Precipitated Sulphur 3 drams

Bicarbonate Potash 1 dram

Lard 1 ounce

Mix, to be used in obstinate cases in adults.

Ringworm of the Scalp. Cautions and Treatment. Be careful that others do

not catch it from you. Separate the child affected. Cleanse the diseased

parts from time to time by shampooing with a strong soap. The hair over

the whole scalp should be clipped short and the affected parts shaved, or

if allowed, the hairs in the affected parts pulled out. The remedies are

then applied if possible in the shape of ointments, which are thoroughly

rubbed in. Vaselin and lanolin are better as a base for the medicine, as

they penetrate deeper. Following remedies are the most valuable:

1. Carbolic acid, one to two drams to glycerin one ounce.

2. Oleate of mercury, strength ten to twenty per cent.

3. Sulphur Ointment, ten to twenty per cent strength.

4. Tincture of Iodine.

This variety lasts longer than the ringworms on the body, months sometimes

are required to cure it.